The Unknown

Have you ever felt like you do not know what is going to happen? It is human nature to ponder this question with a sense of uncertainty. I have asked myself this question many times over the course of my life. For example, it can be a scary moment when you receive a doctor’s report that is unexpected. It can feel like you have no control of the circumstances. In the midst of COVID-19, fear is gripping the hearts of so many leaving them uncertain about the future. 

There seems to be no definitive end in sight with an unavailable vaccination. This is our nation’s darkest hour but we must be careful to not lost hope because a brand new dawn is coming. In March, when the pandemic began to spread like wildfire in America, I was tuned into several news media outlets and I’d get an update every few hours. In an effort to protect my sanity, I had to unsubscribe and unfollow the negative reports of about an unknown future. 

We don’t have to know what is going to happen all the time. While it is okay to stay informed, we can choose to place our trust in God and not internalize information that leaves us anxious about the unknown. There is a hope for the future, in Jesus, who will not leave us hopeless.

The word “hope” is defined as a feeling of expectation with a desired outcome. If we place our hope in Jesus we can have a better perspective for the present and the future, then we can endure difficult seasons in peace.  It’s important to remind ourselves that things can change almost instantaneously. In other words, bad times won’t last forever. We can enjoy today and have a positive outlook on the things we do not see.

The unknown doesn’t have to be as dreadful and bleak as “they say”. The unknown can be beautiful and great place of learning, growing, and maturing. We can trust that God knows all from beginning to end. We can stay the course and remain hopeful, steadfast in our faith as we face the unknown. 

When you find yourself fearing the unknown,  practice the art of remembering the times when God came through for you. The moments when he went above and beyond your expectations. Recall when God’s sovereign power was displayed in your life. Let your past experiences walking with the Lord help to carry you through this difficult time. The habit of remembering is a great way to keep you on a steady and straight path into the unknown. Keep the faith and keep trusting in the Lord because better days are ahead. 



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