New Mommy Blues

When you give birth, it is a joyous and unforgettable experience. You waited 9 months to meet your baby face to face, and your life takes on new meaning. I will never forget the day I had my son. Immediately after being examined, my son was tucked into my tank top to gain his sense of “momma” outside my womb. The physical touch of my son seemed to take away the pain of childbirth. I truly felt blessed to have a healthy newborn to take home.

I was not prepared for the days ahead and I was not confident as a new mom.

I was uncertain of my abilities to properly care for my newborn child. I researched online, used phone apps, and read subscription magazines to help me build my confidence. The more information I found, I discovered how much I did not know which was so stressful! I had the new mommy blues. I felt alone, I cried alot, and I had this tremendous responsibility to care for the life of another.

Looking back, I realize that God had a plan.

I read my bible and found that I was created for a purpose. God made woman a fruitful vine and to give birth to continue the human race. Not only did he give us the ability to have children but also the instincts and ability to raise them. I told God all about my insecurities. He gave me the assurance that He already put inside me the very thing I felt I lacked.

He reminded me of His Spirit living on the inside of me, Jesus, a teacher and a friend.

New mommy blues is a real thing. Medical practice may call it something else but I challenge every new mom to spend time with God in prayer and reflect on His word. No matter how difficult it gets, and it will get difficult. My son is now almost two years old! I am in that season of chasing him and just being an example for him to model. I will get an occasional slap or kick, and he might run the other way when I want him to come but I consider it a blessing to be his momma.

Don’t stay stuck in your current season of motherhood. The kids will change and so will you.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Motherhood has its ups and downs which why it is important to be consistent in prayer. Don’t allow the new mommy blues which may include sadness and frustration keep you from having joy and peace. You will get through this season. The best advice I can give is to connect with other moms! I found my community in the women’s ministry at my church. I attended the bible studies for women.

There is just something about community and hearing God’s word. It was a true gamechanger for me.

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