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Understanding the Heart of God

Your biological story from birth to today has meaning. Your lineage, language, culture, and citizenship are a few examples of what has shaped your views about the world in which we live. Chances are, most of what you believe is based upon what you have learned from those around you. We all have attached our […]


A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms, As I write this my son is currently pulling on my pants wanting me to pick him up while my dog is licking my toes. It is almost dinner time around here so I have a pretty good idea what they want. At the moment, I have the choice to turn them away […]


A Love Note

In Love Notes to My Beloved, Nichole Marbach wrote, My beloved, fear not! You are holy, blameless, pure, righteous, and clean in My sight based on the blood of My Son. This is a gift! Gifts are given in love, not earned. You don’t have to earn My love or acceptance in any way. You […]