A Holy Spirit Encounter in Barnes & Noble

While walking around Barnes & Noble, Founder Dr. Lisa Brown, was in the women’s restroom when she heard the Lord speak to her about a woman standing outside the ladies restroom. As this woman stood checking her phone messages. Dr. Brown approached her and asked to pray with her. The woman immediately broke down in tears wanting prayer. She had been battling infidelity with her husband. Although she had been nine years clean of substance abuse, she was numbing the pain with alcohol.

This woman, also named Lisa, was feeling guilty, condemned, and fearful that she would die prematurely. Dr. Brown reminded her of God’s amazing love and His willingness to forgive her of all her sins. After praying together, they felt the presence of God surrounding them in Barnes and Noble. Dr. Brown said, “The power of God was so tangible as we prayed. We held each other and began laughing, crying, and felt an intense heat”. Watch now!

A woman in Barnes n’ Noble needed prayer, and checkout what happened!

Posted by Praying Moms For Christ – PMC on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tags: addiction, fear, healing, holy spirit, Prayer

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