Vessels of Precious Treasure

This month I had the pleasure of speaking at a women’s group called Kate’s Cup at North Ridge Community Church in Cave Creek, AZ. The night before, I went into prayer. While listening to some intercession music , I got on my knees to pray. After a few minutes, I raised my hands and in a sincere cry I said, “Lord, just use me. Take my lips of clay, my hands, and my feet…all of me”. Deep in my heart I was sure that I couldn’t deliver this message in my own strength.

My message was based on 2 Corinthians 4:7 and it says, But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us (NKJV). I believe God wanted me to share the following: We are divinely created vessels. We are vessels designed for a purpose. We are vessels with a unique calling. We are vessels that carry precious treasure. And this treasure is not meant for “me, myself, and I” but for a bigger purpose. I thought, “Lord, this is seems a bit elementary and these ladies probably know this already”. I did not want to doubt my message but I had to trust that God would do something with it.

The next morning, I spoke to about 50 women at Kate’s Cup. Afterward, several women had said that it is not often they hear a message about our calling in Christ. One woman, was in tears and she asked me how she could learn more about storing up treasures in heaven versus here on earth (Matthew 6:19). I was so encouraged knowing that someone was touched by the same message that gave me doubts. If this message was just for her then I was satisfied!

Later that night, I went to Barnes & Noble with my husband and son. I had noticed a woman whom God told me to pray for. I went to the ladies room and she was there! Our paths crossed outside the restroom and I approached her to ask if I could pray with her. Her name was Lisa too! And prior to me asking to pray with her, her pastor had just sent her a text stating, “Help is on the way”.

So amazing! God used me to pray with her. The Holy Spirit touched Lisa and I as we prayed. We felt an undeniable heat and presence of God where we stood. She went from crying tears of sadness to thankful tears of joy. We talked after we prayed and you can watch our Facebook live video here.

Well, God answered my prayers to say the least. Not only did He use me to deliver the message that we are vessels of precious treasure to the women of North Ridge, He also used me to pray and encourage a hurting mom in public. This was a test that no act of obedience is too small if it is for God! I didn’t feel goosebumps or anything special when I asked God to use me but I knew He heard me. Put your trust in God knowing He is faithful and more than willing to use you to bless someone else. You too, are a vessel of precious treasure created for His purpose!


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