Stay Stirred So You Can Be Poured Out

While driving to my dental appointment I got stuck behind a concrete mixer truck. I was running late! We were at the red light and then suddenly I heard, “I want you to be like that”. I knew it was the the Lord speaking to me even in my frustration.

God can use anything at anytime to speak an important message in a way you can understand.

I questioned, “What do you mean, be like that?”. He said, “Stay stirred”. I examined the truck and noticed the belly of the truck was turning. It was stirring the concrete inside the barrel. It was like solving a mystery! This is what I concluded:

In order to make concrete, the ingredients must stay stirred inside the turning barrel so it can be poured out to for a specific purpose when needed.

Considering what happens inside the barrel of this mixer took on new meaning for me. It is a constant stirring of sand, stone, cement, and water. There is a purpose for each one.

The sand, stone, and cement are all dirty, rocky, and dry ingredients. These represent what I am carrying. These are all very heavy! The water represents life. Who is the life? Jesus said, I am the way the truth, and the life!

When you mix these dry and wet ingredients together it will transform into something useful. After being stirred and mixed round and round, it becomes a new substance. Now it can be used to fabricate buildings, streets, and bridges.

True transformation, in Christ, is a mixture of everything we carry (pain, fear, doubt, etc.), and we allow God to mix in everything He is! His goodness, mercy, and grace stirrs up with our “stuff” and then we become useful and valuable.

I was not expecting to learn this at at all while driving that morning. Now I am glad I was delayed for my appointment just to hear, “Stay stirred up”. I was able to understand what He meant, and affirm it with the Word of God later on. I believe it is a message that we all need to hear.

As women and moms, we can bring God our “mess” and he will make a “message” for us to share with someone else. This is a constant and ongoing process. We must stay stirred so we can poared out.

Even though this huge concrete mixer truck was at a red light, the belly was still stirring the concrete inside. And no matter what red lights or delays we have in our lives, we can stay stirred up!

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