A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms,
As I write this my son is currently pulling on my pants wanting me to pick him up while my dog is licking my toes. It is almost dinner time around here so I have a pretty good idea what they want.
At the moment, I have the choice to turn them away or do something about their requests (each having their own method of communication). The following thought comes to mind: they are coming to me because they know I have the ability to meet their needs for the moment! 
This thought made me excited to help my son. I realized that he never has to ask for tomorrow’s needs. It is not his concern to worry about tomorrow. He just knows that momma will take care of him when he needs me to. Likewise, God wants us as His daughters to come to Him to ask for what we need right now. God already knows about our needs for tomorrow. He just wants us to ask and expect that He has a limitless supply of what we need.
Another lesson I learned from this is that my son has so much faith in me. Since my son can’t talk yet, he knows how to ask for what he wants. Nine times out of 10 I can figure it out! I understand him when others do not. He trusts me and turns to me as though I am his personal interpreter. Even as adults we don’t always know how to communicate our needs to God but He understands.
So when it comes time to eat my son believes that he is gonna get the good stuff like his favorite fruit, crackers, snacks, etc. As momma, not only do I know what my son needs, I know what he likes! I want to give him his favorite things.
Us moms are created in the image of God and in His likeness. Just as we desire to love and provide for our kids, He wants us to come to Him as little children with our needs and desires. God wants us to believe and expect for the good stuff!
What may feel like bothersome moments with our children, the dog, or even our husbands, God is there to help. What is He speaking to you in that moment? I encourage you today and write this letter to remind you of God’s love and His heart for you. Be blessed!
Dr. Lisa Brown
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