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A Holy Spirit Encounter in Barnes & Noble

While walking around Barnes & Noble, Founder Dr. Lisa Brown, was in the women’s restroom when she heard the Lord speak to her about a woman standing outside the ladies restroom. As this woman stood checking her phone messages. Dr. Brown approached her and asked to pray with her. The woman immediately broke down in […]


Heart-to-Heart with Vicky

Meet Vicky, a health coach and mom to a two year old son. Vicky shares how she learned how to be more mindful as a mom and trust her instincts in raising a high needs child. 


Heart-to-Heart with Rosie

Meet Rosie, fitness trainer and coach and mom of three. Rosie endured the tragedy of the loss of her daughter with special needs and overcame depression. 


Stephanie Rodnez – The Purpose Interview

Have you ever felt stuck? Unsure about what’s next in life? Watch this interview with Stephanie Rodnez who offers advice, encouragement, and insight to trusting God in finding your purpose.  


Heart-to-Heart with Toni

Toni Ford

Meet Toni, a college instructor and counselor, and mom to two boys. Toni shares how she handled dealing with the bullying of her youngest 12 year old son.


Heart-to-Heart with Melinda

Melinda Duclos

Meet Melinda, a chaplain and mom to a 22 year old daughter. Melinda shares how she responded to the call to pray for her daughter during high school. Melinda discovered that her daughter was dealing with bullying and had suicidal thoughts.