Praying Moms for Christ (PMC) was founded in 2017 by Lisa Brown, a wife and homeschool mom, who is from the from the Navajo Nation. In 2016, she walked through one of her most difficult seasons having experienced postpartum depression, thyroid disfunction, and infertility.

While Lisa waited on her breakthrough she engaged in bible study groups, conferences, and meetups with praying women who have left an imprint and lasting impact on her faith and hope in Jesus.

It was only a matter of time until Lisa received her breakthrough and restoration. After this difficult season of her life, Lisa formed Praying Moms for Christ to connect with fellow sisters in Christ and to remind them that God loves them, He’s with them, and He is for them. 

Lisa has planned PMC events on and off the Navajo Reservation, including Nights of Worship, Group Training, Bible Studies, and Conferences.

Lisa currently resides in Dallas, TX with her husband and two children. She also is a writer working on her first cookbook, and she hosts the Praying Moms for Christ Podcast. 










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